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Acetone 67-64-1 25-35% OSHA (PEL) 1000 ppm ACGIH (TLV) 500 ppm Liquefied Petroleum Gas 68476-86-8 15-20 % OSHA (PEL) 1000 ppm ... Nitrile gloves, boots and aprons will provide adequate protection when contact cannot be avoided. Remove and wash any contaminated clothing immediately. Wash thoroughly after handling. ... Material Safety Data Sheet ...

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Material Safety Data Sheet Version 3.4 Revision Date 04/11/2012 Print Date 04/21/2012 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Product name : Acetone cyanohydrin Product Number : 00591 Brand : Fluka Supplier : Sigma-Aldrich 3050 Spruce Street SAINT LOUIS MO 63103 USA Telephone : +1 800-325-5832 Fax : +1 800-325-5052 Emergency Phone # (For

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Acetone 67-64-1 30 - 60 p-Chloro-a,a,a-trifluorotoluene 98-56-6 30 - 60 ... Butyl, Neoprene, PVC or Nitrile gloves recommended. 9. PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Physical state: Liquid Color: Clear Odor: Characteristic ... This material safety data sheet contains changes from the previous version in sections: New Material Safety Data Sheet ...

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gloves approved to relevant standards (e.g. Europe: EN374, US: F739) made from the following materials may provide suitable chemical protection. PVC, neoprene or nitrile rubber gloves Suitability and durability of a glove is dependent on usage, e.g. frequency and duration of contact, chemical re-sistance of glove material, dexterity.

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Your valuable employees deserve the worry-free protection of Kimberly-Clark Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves. These purple nitrile gloves guard against incidental splashes, are made of a highly durable nitrile polymer and are powder free and not made with natural rubber latex (some say “latex free”). The XTRA-length gloves are a generous 12” long, are ambidextrous and have a beaded cuff for ...

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LATEX OR BUTYL RUBBER GLOVES SHOULD BE USED IF SKIN PAINTING ANIMALS (3) ACETONE WILL DEGRADE AND PENETRATE NITRILE ... <7,12 - Dimethyl Benzanthracene DMBA MSDS Sigma 10272014.pdf> [Internet]. Sigma-Aldrich. 2014 [cited 10/27/2014]. Available from:

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• Nitrile gloves are made of a copolymer and provide protection from chlorinated solvents such as trichloroethylene and perchloroethylene. Although intended for jobs requiring dexterity and sensitivity, nitrile gloves stand up to heavy use even after prolonged exposure to substances that cause other gloves to deteriorate.

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Nitrile Glove Chemical-Compatibility Reference Disposable nitrile gloves do not provide protection against these highly corrosive chemicals. These are just a few examples. This is not a complete list. This poster is adapted from Penn’s CHP Fact Sheet: Disposable Nitrile Gloves in Chemical Lab Scan the QR code to see the full Fact Sheet. B

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Protective Measures - Hands Nitrile gloves. Protective Measures - Respiratory Engineering measures Section 8. Exposure Controls, Personal Protection Protective Measures - Eyes Safety glasses or chemical goggles to EN166, 167 and 168. Protective Measures - Body Lab coat. Section 9. Physical and Chemical Properties Physical state Liquid.

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2. Wear nitrile gloves, eye protection and body protection such as a lab coat or apron. 3. Conduct procedures inside a chemical fume hood or from behind a protective shield. 4. Do not return unused peroxides to the container. 5. Clean up liquid spills up immediately. Keep spills …

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Acetone in squeeze bottles Safety glasses, nitrile or MAPA gloves Acetone in swab containers Safety glasses, and use on swabs/wipes or gloves req’d Diffuser - NPB (n-propyl bromide) in ultra sonic bath (pouring) Safety glasses, face shield, chemical resistant nitrile or MAPA gloves, arm covers, and impermeable shoes or covers

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Acetone 67-64-1 5.0 250 ppm 500 ppm 1000 ppm N.E. Xylenes (o-, m-, p- Isomers) 1330-20-7 5.0 100 ppm 150 ppm 100 ppm N.E. ... Nitrile or Neoprene gloves may afford adequate skin protection. EYE PROTECTION:Use safety eyewear designed to protect against splash of liquids. OTHER PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT:Refer to safety supervisor or industrial ...


Nitrile powder free gloves are not expected to cause any adverse health effects: SECTION 7 : HANDLING AND S TORAGE: ... High polar solvent like methyl ethyl ketone, acetone. HAZARDOUS DECOMPOSITION PRODUCTS . In a fire, these products may produce black smoke containing Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Oxides

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Light chemical resistant gloves (nitrile, latex). See the chemical glove compatibility chart to choose appropriate chemical resistant gloves specific to the chemical being used Lab coat ☐ Extensive eye or Large volumes of organic solvents, flammable organic compounds, or oxidizers Flash point below 73 F (22.8 C) and boiling point